New Campaign Technologies and Kick-Off of 2016 Races

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Recent Digital Politics Radio shows included guests from across the political spectrum with a wide range of experience in persuasion, fundraising and getting out the vote.

On the trail with Republican presidential candidates and the value of presidential debates with Margaret Talev, White House and Politics Correspondent, BloombergListen now

Mapping social connections within cities reveals surprising communities of interest and opportunities to build stronger ties with Dave Troy, CEO, People Map Listen now.

Need to see more variations in the Hispanic voting population and how the California drought is impacting low income voters with Luis Alvarado, President, Familias Unidas de California, a new PAC.  Listen now.

Psychological insights are being applied to political strategy and how biometric data can indicate what motivates voters with Brian Franklin, President, Impact Politics and founder the PsyPology newsletter.  Listen now.

Surprising results from first use of cookie-based targeting of online video ads in the May political campaigns in the UK with Jim Walsh, CEO, DSPolitical. Listen now.

Reality check on the value of social media effectiveness and the upcoming NetRoots Nation event with Beth BeckerListen now.

Mobile canvassing, the web site as campaign portal and other innovations in campaign strategies to create better conversations with voters with John Lee, CTO, NGP VANListen now.

New features of Facebook video ads and online video ad best practices for branding and direct response with Justin Kistner, VP Marketing, MixpoListen now.

Eliminating hidden costs of campaign data silos and driving innovation in online tools for Progressive campaigns with Josh Cohen, Chairman, OSDI, Shai Sachs,  Innovation Platform Director, NGP VAN, and Mark Snyder, Director of Communications, Equality FederationListen now.

Identifying and engaging citizen advocates and using them to dramatically increase the audience for a campaign call to action with Roz Lemieux, CEO, Listen now.

Value of small contributions, online and offline fundraising, impact of political surrogates and best uses for social media with Taryn Rosenkranz, Founder and CEO, New Blue InteractiveListen now.

Need to use cell phones as well as land lines for more accurate polling, value of engagement on social media and which voters are open to persuasion with Robert Blizzard, Partner, Public Opinion StrategiesListen now.

How the drought might influence candidates and voters in California in 2016, voter fatigue and early perceptions of presidential candidates with John Nienstedt, President and CEO, Competitive Edge Research & CommunicationListen now.

Proliferation of television channels and increase in viewer data is making it possible to see consumers and voters as more than just part of a demographic group and finding stronger return on investment of media dollars with Dave Morgan, CEO, SimulmediaListen now.

Impact of early and mail-in voting, and changing the LGBT rights narrative to one about anti-discrimination with Ben Tulchin, President, Tulchin ResearchListen now.

Smart mobile apps eliminate need for paper for precinct walkers and trends in live calls that capture more data about voters with Aris McMahon, Senior VP, AdvantageListen now.

Value of online targeting on Pandora based on day-part and programmatic ad buys and lessons learned in 2014 with Sean Duggan, Vice President Advertising, PandoraListen now.

Impact of email fundraising appeals, state and local campaigns use social media to persuade and need to have campaign web sites that work on all size screens with Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein, Partner, BuzzmakerListen now.

How the web has changed for Presidential coverage since 2005, expectations for archiving government data and challenges for elected officials in the age of social media with David Almacy, former White House Internet and E-Communications Director for George W. Bush.  Listen now.

What are we to make of politicians who claim they have never sent an email with Colin Delany, Founder, ePoliticsListen now.

The next generation of political consultants gets recognition from AAPC with Tim Rosales, VP, The Wayne Johnson AgencyListen now.

Matching cookie files with voter files to bring cost-effective targeting to local campaigns with Jim Walsh, CEO, DSPolitical. Listen now.

Should candidates use more humor in campaign ads, driving engagement with voters, and downside of viral success with Ben Huh, CEO and Founder, Cheezburger Listen now.

Using targeted Facebook ads and email appeals to drive increased donations with Brent Blackaby, Co-Founder, Trilogy InteractiveListen now.

Targeting voters even in small races, reaching out to Hispanic voters and Facebook strategies for fundraising with Jon Massengale, COO, Upstream CommunicationsListen now.

Trends in email, value of small donors, building grassroots support for Hillary Clinton, and using online and offline date for voter contact with Eli Kaplan, Founding Partner, Rising Tide InteractiveListen now.

Koch brothers money, big money influence on fundraising, and the need for more people with digital skills to work on political campaigns with Colin Delany, Founder, ePoliticsListen now.

Applying neural measurements to better understand what engages voters with Glenn Kessler, President, HCD ResearchListen now.

All Politics is Local

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With the 2016 campaign season beginning, a wrap up of 2014 activities is necessary.  Digital Politics Radio recently caught up with many leaders in the industry.

Activating consumers and citizens to participate in local projects supported by big brands, non-profits, government agencies and local activists and other insights about volunteers from Sherwood Moore, Director of Marketing, thrdPlaceListen now.

Breaking down data silos in local governments and opportunities created by open data environment with Maksim Pecherskiy, Chief Data Officer, City of San DiegoListen now.

Cuban opportunities and challenges from frequent traveler to Cuba Jeff Isaac, Lawyer in Blue Jeans with insights about the explosive growth of mobile phones on the island.  Listen now.

Encouraging citizen engagement with politicians is a popular topic and in this interview with Forest Handford, Founder, VoteSquared he talks about the new open source social platform to encourage rating of politicians.  Listen now.

Political ads as programming and creating video in a variety of lengths to be seen on mobile devices, game consoles or at the cinema and the development of Spanish language messages for Republican candidate Rick Scott in Florida with Brad Todd, Founding Partner, On MessageListen now.

Landing pages matter to get the full impact of targeting and lessons learned from international campaigns with Matthew McMillan, President, BuzzmakerListen now.

Radio ads and the changing nature of opposition research and door hangers are not going away with John Balduzzi, President, The Balduzzi GroupListen now.

The Reed Awards recognize excellence in political campaigns and for the first time include Spanish language  categories with Shane D’Aprile, Publisher, Campaigns and Elections Listen now.

Online activism and offline demonstrations are accelerated by social media and online tools and insights about the Facebook community with Shaun Dakin, Dakin AssociatesListen now.

Re-establishing diplomatic relationship with Cuba and how social media is changing the understanding of cultures around the globe with Tex Harris, retired foreign service.  Listen now.

Rapid response, crisis management and other key lessons learned from political campaigns are being applied to non-profits, corporations and outside groups and more from Matthew Dybwad, Partner, CRAFTListen now.

Polling and big data in campaign 2014 and need for multi-screen media strategy with Peter Pasi, VP Political, CollectiveListen now.

State and local races got smarter with better voter data and the limitations of geo-targeting voters and consumers with Kate Kaye, Data and Analytics reporter AdAgeListen now.

Demonstrating the effectiveness of technology solutions to local elected officials and the LinkNYC project that is turning phone booths into wi-fi hot spots with Ben Katz, Political Director, OpenSanDiegoListen now.

Facial coding, digitizing emotions and creating effective political ads with Rana El Kaliouby, Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder, AffectivaListen now.

Early voters matter and how close races are being determined by mail-in, early and absentee voters with Ben Tulchin, President, Tulchin Research Listen now.

Cost-effective media buys and targeting voters on Facebook made a difference in strong Republican wins with Michael Beach, Co-Founder, Targeted VictoryListen now.

Lessons learned from social and email outreach in 2014 and why money spent by SuperPACs goes to negative ads with Colin Delany, Founder, ePoliticsListen now.

Negative and educational political ads, First Amendment rights, slander and negative political ads with Jeff Isaac, Lawyer in Blue Jeans Listen now.

Campaign 2014 Comes to an End

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Digital Politics Radio wraps up the campaign season with this collection of interviews with industry insiders:

Video consumption and other media habits, ad placement and the user experience across all screens including those inside of cars and other insights about the online expectations of voters and consumers from Chris Ruff, CEO and President, UIEvolutionListen now.

Applying political psychology and advances in neuropsychology to persuade voters and win races with David Rosen, Founder, First Person Politics

Listen to Part 1 nowListen to Part 2 now.

Insights about the California race for governor, hot ballot initiatives and impact of low voter turnout with Ben Tulchin, Tulchin ResearchListen now.

Ground game and social media and how digital enhances relationships with voters with Beth Becker, Becker Digital Strategies @spedwybads.  Listen now.

Micro-targeting phone outreach on land lines, mobile devices and through text with Komnieve Singh, Co-Founder and President, CallFireListen now.

Need for a dual track strategy to effectively reach early and absentee voters as well as getting out the vote on election day and using online ads for persuasion and action with Brad Marston, Partner, Four Tier Strategies Listen now.

E-mail donation appeals, nationalization of fundraising campaigns, and list building with an eye on 2016 particularly by the Ready for Hillary SuperPAC with Colin Delany, Founder, e-Politics. Listen now.

Using geo-enabled data and big analytics enable campaigns to make better decisions about the ground game and latest improvements in spatial analysis tools and what it means for smarter walk lists with Keith Cooke, State Government Account Executive, EsriListen now.

Big data, local campaigns and targeting ads across all media with Jesse Contario, Manager Client Strategy and Insights, Resonate. Listen now.

On-line and off-line data analytics allow campaigns to view voters as individuals along a spectrum of behavior with Erin Hartman, Ph.D., Head of Polling Operations, BlueLabs. Listen now.

With An Eye on the General Election

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Digital Politics Radio ends the summer with a great range of guests.  Time to catch up with these short, informative and occasionally amusing podcasts.

Location based knowledge for campaigns and emergency response with former Congressman Jim Bates and Ming-Hsiang Tsou, Ph.D. PathGeoListen now.

With lessons learned in the Obama 2008 and 2012 field programs, the next level political technology gives Democratic candidates an advantage with Stu Trevelyan, CEO and President, NGP VANListen now.

Big data and the power of maps to better visualize voter and volunteer information, challenging assumptions about voters, and improving efficiency with Bruce Willsie, CEO and President, L2 Listen now.

Lessons learned from the ice bucket challenge and the need to test digital tactics to insure campaigns are reaching voters where they want to receive messages with Joe Fuld, Founder, The Campaign Workshop Listen now.

Political web sites are here to stay with Shane Daley, Co-Founder, OnlineCandidate.comListen now.

The value of targeting logged-in voters based on their listening habits across all screens including in cars with Sean Duggan, VP Advertising,  Also insights about why media buyers are moving to online targeting on trusted sites particularly in certain markets.  Listen now.

Political ads on mobile and tablet devices with Jim Walsh, CEO and Co-Founder, DSPoliticalListen now.

Effective use of political mobile apps for rapid response and building relationships with voters with Camilo Pineda, Account Director for Tiny Candidate at TinyMissionListen now.

Harnessing big data to build better communities with Eddie Tejeda, Co-Founder and CEO, CivicInsightListen now.

Neel Kashkari campaign for California Governor and getting the attention of voters for long shot campaigns with Ben Tulchin, President, Tulchin ResearchListen now.

Reflections on running as an independent candidate in a state-wide race, getting the attention of Independent and swing voters, and the Tim Draper Six Californias ballot initiative with Dan Schnur, Director, Jesse H. Unruh Institute of Politics, USC and former candidate for Secretary of State in CA.  Listen now.

TV everywhere, changing media habits, and what it means for finding voters with Chris Wilson, President, National Television, RentrakListen now.

Persuading voters with online ads, optimizing media mix and reaching Latino voters on mobile devices with Amanda Bloom, Digital Media Director, BASK Digital Media Listen now.

New patent on voter-file based targeting based on enhanced voter records and the multiplier effect of cross media campaigns with Steven Moore, Managing Director, CampaignGridListen now.

Insights from fundraising data and the need to streamline the fundraising process to maximize insights from donor data with Brad Johnson, Founder, DonorStack.comListen now.

Defining a common API to support interoperability of solutions for political and advocacy campaigns with Josh Cohen, Founder, Open Supporter Data Interface Listen now.

Effective political text messaging to grow support and gather information and the need to visualize vast data bases to maximize value with Sean Gera, Senior Marketing Manager, CallFireListen now.

What’s New on Digital Politics Radio

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Some recent popular Digital Politics Radio podcasts.  Go to Digital Politics Radio to listen or download a link.  Show is also available on and iTunes under Digital Politics with Karen Jagoda

Map Based Walk Lists with Allen Fuller, COO, VoterGravity Listen now

Political Data Technology with Lillian Cavalieri, CEO, iPrecinct Listen now

Big Data in Mississippi Primary Run-off with Colin Delany, Founder, ePolitics Listen now

World Cup on Social Media with Shaun Dakin, Dakin Associates Listen now

Motivating Latino Voters with Mike Madrid, Principal, Grassroots Lab Listen now

Increasing Voter Touch Points with Chuck DeFeo, Chief Digital Officer, RNC Listen now

Kashkari For California Governor with Carla Marninucci, Senior Political Writer, San Francisco Chronicle Listen now

Technology Drives Message and Money with Patrick Ruffini, Co-Founder, Echelon Insights Listen now

Cause Marketing Needs to Evolve with Woody Moore, Director of Marketing, ThrdPlace Listen now

Authentic Campaign Narratives with Kelly Grace Gibson, Hamburger Company Listen now

Impact of Top 2 Primaries in CA with Ben Tulchin, Tulchin Research Listen now

Targeting Voters Across All Screens with Art Murray, Publisher, Winning Campaigns Listen now

Measuring Radio, TV and Online Audiences with Bill Rose, Sr. VP, Nielsen Listen now

Targeting Voters with Promoted Tweets wtih Brooks Aukamp, Sr. Account Ex. Politics/Advocacy, Twitter Listen now

Targeting Voters on All Screens

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Digital Politics Radio update time and my guests have been varied and provocative.  We began editing segments together where guests are with me for 2 or more segments.

On March 12 I talked with Rena Shapiro, Political Director, Pandora about their method of targeting political ads by musical taste, the rise in demand for mobile ads, and changing listening habits.

Interview with Rena Shapiro

On March 6 my first guest was Ondine Fortune, president, Fortune Media talking about cross media, targeting on cable, mobile and web ads.

Interview with Ondine Fortune

I also spoke with David Kanter, CEO, Beyond Voter Lists about targeting using direct mail and the groups of passionate voters that are most appealing to campaigns and consultants.

Interview with David Kanter

On February 27 the subject was pollsters and polling. I first talked with John Nienstedt, President, Competitive Edge Research & Communication about voter turnout for the San Diego mayoral run-off election and how Republicans are reaching out to Latino voters.

Interview with John Nienstedt

I also spoke with Ben Tulchin, President, Tulchin Research who provided more details about the No Party Preference voters and the value of targeting on such sites as Pandora.

Interview with Ben Tulchin

On February 20 we heard from Aaron Strauss, Political Engineer talking about correlating online and offline data with voting behavior and other thoughts on big data with reflections on the Obama strategy.

Interview with Aaron Strauss

On the Republican side, we heard from Holly Turner, COO, Stampede Consulting on tips on building a political and advocacy consulting business.

Interview with Holly Turner

On February 13 the topic was voter engagement.  My first guest was Steven Nemerovski, lobbyist and host of None of the Above on in Aspen, CO talking about citizen lobbyists and independent voters.

Interview with Steven Nemerovski

My second guest was Nick Bowden, CEO, Mind Mixer on his solution to include more voices in matters that impact local communities.

Interview with Nick Bowden

On February 6 the focus was on targeting voters.  My first guest was Jason Cabel Roe, Partner, Revolvis discussing targeting Millennials and bi-lingual and Spanish speaking voters.

Interview with Jason Cabel Roe

My other guest that day was Ed Clancy, The Bike Guy SD talking about the demographics of the cycling community and the impact of Livable Streets coalitions.

Interview with Ed Clancy

On January 30 my first guest was Joe Kuklis, author, The Robin Hood of DC providing an insiders view of lobbying and how small and medium sized business can gain influence at the national, state, and local levels.

Interview with Joe Kuklis

I also spoke with Colin Delany, Founder, ePolitics about his new book How to Use the Internet to Win in 2014 and the impact of social media on political parties.

Interview with Colin Delany

On January 23 Michael Berg, Law Office of Michael Berg, talked about the upcoming FCC spectrum auction and the Aereo case going before the Supreme Court.

Interview with Michael Berg

The ground game was the topic with Ned Ryun, CEO, Voter Gravity who talked about mobile canvassing and planning a smart ground game using data mining and a GIS interface.

Interview with Ned Ryun

On January 16 my guest was Tracy Russo, Founder, Russo Strategies, and the topic was Chris Christie and implications of political scandals on national perceptions of candidates and elected officials.

Interview with Tracy Russo
Interview continues with Tracy Russo

My other guest was Ary Sharifian, CEO, PowerPoll talking about his San Diego based start-up creating online polls for improving voter engagement.

Interview with Ary Sharifian
Interview continues with Ary Sharifian

On January 9 the topic was mobile engagement with my guest Scott Tilton, CEO, Hookit who shared his insights about about using social media to provide a robust environment for athletes, brands, and fans and lessons about building passionate communities of interest and what it might mean for political campaigns.

Interview with Scott Tilton
Interview continues with Scott Tilton

My other guest was Ken Denman, CEO and President, Emotient who explained how they are understanding emotional responses by scanning facial expressions.

Interview with Ken Denman
Interview continues with Ken Denman

On December 19 the first guest was Ben Tulchin, President, Tulchin Research, talking about polling voters in special elections, impact of ballot initiatives on turnout and 2014 CA races.

Interview with Ben Tulchin

I also spoke with Stephan Goss, CEO, Zeeto Media on developing a strategy for acquiring desirable contact information from people who opt-in to lists.

Interview with Stephan Goss

On December 12 I spoke with Steven Alembik, Founder, SMA Communications about opt-in lists and targeting voters with the right message at the right time.

Interview with Steven Alembik
Interview continues with Steven Alembik

My other guest that day was William Brindley, CEO, NetHope who talked with me about rapid response to emergencies and the legacy of Nelson Mandela.

Interview with William Brindley
Interview continues with William Brindley

On December 5 my first guest was Peter Martini, Co-Founder and Chief of Strategy, iboss Network Security talking about preventing network security breaches especially in the age of bring your own device to work.

Interview with Peter Martini

My second guest was Dr. Stanton Sloane, President and CEO, Decision Sciences International Corp. talking about scanning for and detection of nuclear, radiological and contraband threats using muon technology.

Interview with Dr. Stanton Sloane

My third guest was Bill Sullivan, Director for Strategy and Business Development for the Broadband Systems Group, ViaSat addressing the increasing demand for broadband access from fixed to mobile as well as portable solutions for rapid response.

Interview with Bill Sullivan
Interview continues with Bill Sullivan

Update on 2013 Digital Politics Radio Interviews

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Digital Politics Radio has moved to the Radioactive Broadcasting Network and most links to shows from this year are available there.  Some of my favorite interviews in the last few months include the following.  I have also started a new show Empowered Patient Radio on the same network.  All about disruptive technology and a different blood sport.

On November 21 I talked with Toby Chaudhuri, Founder, SocialXDesign and former assistant to President Obama on racial diversity and global democracy.  Topic is voter touch points and importance of kitchen table issues particularly in off-year elections.

Interview with Toby Chaudhuri
Interview continues with Toby Chaudhuri
I also talked with Ben Tulchin, President, Tulchin Research and Joe Weber, Reporter National Politics, about the non-stop news cycle and how people consume news.

Interview with Ben Tulchin and Joe Weber
Interview continues with Ben Tulchin and Joe Weber

On November 13, my guest was Steven Nemerovski, Lobbyist and Author EParty talking about third party candidates and what influences voters to support ballot initiatives.  Steve is interested in arming third party candidates with tools to level the playing field and run effective campaigns at the state and local levels.

Interview with Steven Nemerovski
Interview continues with Steven Nemerovski

On November 6 I talked with Brian Mitchell, CEO and Managing Partner, GM Ryan International and the topic was jobs of the 21st century and the kinds of senior level skills that are needed in C-level jobs.

Interview with Brian Mitchell
Interview continues with Brian Mitchell

Kate Kaye, Data and Analytics Reporter Advertising Age filled in some details about how governments are using big data and how cities are micro-targeting tourists as well as constituents to provide better services.  We also talked about the changing shopping experience and consumer engagement and what it means about voter expectations.

Interview with Kate Kaye
Interview continues with Kate Kaye

On October 30 I talked with Sanjay Nichani, CEO, Squeak 16 about their new mobile platform for sharing photos that allows for annotation and deeper engagement.

Interview with Sanjay Nichani
Interview continues with Sanjay Nichani

Armando Telles, Community Organizer, Student Veteran Coalition talked about why vets might not vote and getting more vets involved in their communities.

Interview with Armando Telles

On October 23, Dave Gold Gold Communications discussed insights about Hispanic voters in Texas and best practices for reaching base as well as swing voters.

Interview with Dave Gold
Interview continues with Dave Gold

Michael Beach, Co-Founder, Targeted Victory talked about targeting online ads to specific categories of voters and drawing on skills from the private sector to bring insights to engaging voters.

Interview with Michael Beach
Interview continues with Michael Beach

On October 16 the topic with my guest Shaun Dakin, Dakin Associates Consulting was the government shut-down and the Virginia governor’s race.

Interview with Shaun Dakin
Interview continues with Shaun Dakin

On October 2 I talked with Chris Torres, Campaign Programs Director, New Organizing Institute about cross generational support for immigration reform, raising awareness of Hispanic voters and attempts at both voter suppression and increasing minority voter turnout.

Interview with Chris Torres
Interview continues with Chris Torres

For more on Hispanic voters, I also talked with Andrew Myers, President, Myers Research about their recent study of Hispanic voters in Texas, increasing turnout, and effectiveness of public pressure to get people to vote.

Interview with Andrew Myers
Interview continues with Andrew Myers

On September 25, my guest was Colin Delany, Founder ePolitics talking about lessons learned in 2013 primaries, the nationalization of fundraising campaigns, the Ted Cruz narrative and mobilizing the base.

Interview with Colin Delany
Interview continues with Colin Delany

My other guest that day was Chris Massicotte, COO,DSPolitical discussing single issue organizations, data mining, building lists, integrating social advertising into the media plan and best practices for online fundraising.

Interview with Chris Massicotte
Interview continues with Chris Massicotte

On September 11 the subject was fundraising around the news cycle.  My first guest was Matthew McMillan, President, BuzzMaker explaining his online fundraising calculator used to determine metrics that matter most in maximizing efforts.

Interview with Matthew McMillan
Interview continues with Matthew McMillan

I also talked with Ben Tulchin, President, Tulchin Research and contributing editor to the show about their recent research on California voters and the subject of school boards, testing and teachers.  We also talk about cross partisan issues, polling the silent majority and low information voters.

Interview with Ben Tulchin
Interview continues with Ben Tulchin

On August 28, my guest was William Brindley, CEO, NetHope talking about transforming developing societies using open source strategies to encourage collaboration.

Interview with William Brindley

MixpoContinuing with the theme of encouraging sharing, I also talked with Anupam Gupta, President and CEO, Mixpo about executing multi-screen digital video ads and branded content to tell persuasive narratives and encourage engagement.

Interview with Anupam Gupta

On August 21 the subject was smart geodesign and my guest was Shannon McElvaney, Global Industry Manager, Community Development, Esri who explained how GIS tools have changed the way we see the world and creating predictive visual models to inspire more innovative environments.

Interview with Shannon McElvaney

My other guest that day was Alan Rosenblatt, Partner, Turner Strategies with insights about getting attention on social media and the need to tell robust stories.

Interview with Alan Rosenblatt

On August 14, I was pleased to have the chance to talk with Richard Saul Wurman, author and father of Information Architecture and the TED Talks as well as the Urban Observatory.  We discussed the need to compare big data across multiple cities around the globe to better understand how to create and develop robust urban environments.

Interview with Richard Saul Wurman

In addition I talked with Michael Colosimo, CEO and Co-Founder, THRDPLACE about improving local communities through visual representation to engage in constituents and build solutions.

Interview with Michael Colosimo

My last guest that day was Ben Katz, CEO and Co-Founder, Givalike and community activist talking about the Mayor Bob Filner story here in San Diego.

Interview with Ben Katz

On August 7 Ben Tulchin, President, Tulchin Research and contributing editor to the show and I were joined by Katie Merrill, Founder and President, Merrill Strategy Group talking about how politicians and candidates should use social media and challenges for traditional media strategists negotiating the world of Facebook and Twitter.

Interview with Ben Tulchin and Katie Merrill

On July 31 my first guests were Richard C. Hall, Director Global Strategic Alliances, Intel and William Brindley, CEO, NetHope talking about finding smart uses for technology to address critical problems in the developing world, trickle up innovation and the need to show the value of investing in technology.

Interview with Richard Hall and William Brindley

On the second half of the show, I talked with Ingrid Stange, Founder, Partnership for Change about empowering a global audience to express concerns about human rights violations and the need for transparency to address social injustice.

Interview with Ingrid Stange

On July 24, I talked with David Gadsden, Non-Profit Organization Program, Esri about overcoming limitations in remote areas using GIS tools to better understand how to allocate resources, improve transparency and encourage crowdsourcing.

Interview with David Gadsden

Mobile, Big Data and What Voters Are Thinking

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Time for an update of the Digital Politics Radio show.

On July 17 I talked with Vishal Dubey, VP Technology, Dacadoo, a health tracking system that incorporates multiple data points into a single number to reflect all around health.  This company has an international board of advisers and is using social media and gamification to motivate and extend the effectiveness of sensors.

Interview with Vishal Dubey
Interview continues with Vishal Dubey

I also spoke with  Brian Franklin President Impact Politics about timing of online political campaigns and the value of first impressions.

Interview with Brian Franklin
Interview continues with Brian Franklin

On July 10, my guest was Rory Moore, CEO, CommNexus talking about the success story of ecoATM, creating a non-profit incubator in San Diego and characteristics of a real entrepreneur.

Interview with Rory Moore
Interview continues with Rory Moore

Continuing on the theme of start-ups I talked with Chris Holbert, CEO, SecuraTrac about how sensors are enabling the creation of predictive models and actionable information for securing spaces and people.

Interview with Chris Holbert
Interview continues with Chris Holbert

On July 3, I talked with industry expert Michael Turk, President, Opinion Mover Strategies about collaboration, organizing, persuasion, and voter turnout.  Michael also points out the role of political events in small towns.

Interview with Michael Turk
Interview continues with Michael Turk

Ben Tulchin, President, Tulchin Research and I discussed the Wendy Davis filibuster in the Texas State Senate, the viral campaign that resulted and whether access to unfiltered government in action is of interest to citizens.

Interview with Ben Tulchin
Interview continues with Ben Tulchin

On June 19 I talked with Steve Kovsky, Senior Digital Content Manager, Websense about sensors, big data, real-time analysis, and user interfaces.

Interview with Steve Kovsky
Interview continues with Steve Kovsky

Continuing with the theme of sensors, I talked with David Inns, CEO, GreatCall about their JitterBug solutions, helping the aging population stay healthy and mobile, and creating mobile services for medication management, rapid response, and keeping people independent.

Interview with David Inns
Interview continues with David Inns

On June 12 my first guest was Shaun Dakin, Founder and CEO, Stop Political Calls talking about the Personal Democracy Forum in NY, transparency, and the balance between security and personal privacy.

Interview with Shaun Dakin
Interview continues with Shaun Dakin

My second guest that day was Ben Tulchin, President, Tulchin Research talking about voter behavior, the LA mayoral race and whether privacy and security will be a campaign issue.

Interview with Ben Tulchin
Interview continues with Ben Tulchin

On June 5 my first guest was Ted Dhanik, CEO and Co-Founder, Engage:BDR talking about the LA mayoral race, targeting voters, online ads, and leveraging traditional media to win campaigns.

Interview with Ted Dhanik
Interview continues with Ted Dhanik

Local news was the subject with Scott Lewis, CEO, Voice of San Diego, who talked about building online communities, expectations for mobile access to news, and the value of debates and moderated discussions for candidates and elected officials.

Interview with Scott Lewis
Interview continues with Scott Lewis

On May 29, the subject was deploying technology around the world.  My first guest was William Brindley, CEO, NetHope, talking about building broadband and mobile highways to strengthen societies, giving web access to refugee camps, and dealing with conflict resolution using social media.

Interview with William Brindley
Interview continues with William Brindley

My second guest was Dele Atanda, CEO and Author of Digitterian Tsunami: Web 3.0 & Rise of the NEO Citizen talking about empowering citizens, implications of the Arab Spring, and who owns personal data.

Interview with Dele Atanda
Interview continues with Dele Atanda

On May 22 I talked with Michael Horn, VP Research, Resonate Insights about voter views on immigration, getting beyond partisanship and finding out what really matters to voters.

Interview with Michael Horn
Interview continues with Michael Horn

My second guest was Chris Jennewein, Senior Regional Editor, Southern California, talking about hyperlocal online communities, blending social media and web sites, and the value of local events to enhance online relationships.

Interview with Chris Jennewein
Interview continues with Chris Jennewein

On May 15 I talked with Nina Brown, Program Director, Business4Better about their community engagement events, encouraging corporate social responsibility, and collaborations between non-profits and corporations.

Interview with Nina Brown
Interview continues with Nina Brown

My second guest was Megan Kashner, Founder and CEO, Benevolent, an exhibitor at the Business4Better event.  We talked about complimenting resources of non-profits to provide support on a local level, overcoming the digital divide for low income people, and getting donors more involved.

Interview with Megan Kashner
Interview continues with Megan Kashner

On May 8, we talked about social responsibility and my first guest was Sam Stern, Chief Communication Technologist MagnifyGood.  We discussed how corporations are getting involved in their communities, creating a narrative for non-profits, and the need to demonstrate ROI on funds from donors.  In the second half of the interview, Sam talked about his work with Modallic and the application of wireless healthcare to developing economies.

Interview with Sam Stern
Interview continues with Sam Stern

My second guest was Maya Gina Pirela, Southern California Regional Manager, EarthShare California with specifics about how environmental and conservation non-profit organizations are working together, structuring volunteer opportunities and green team networking.

Interview with Maya Gina Pirela

My third guest was Patti Boman, Co-Chair, PFLAG, talking about advocating for gay, lesbian, and transgender people to promote equality, use of social media to provide support and mentoring, and the value of celebrity endorsements.

Interview with Patti Boman

On May 1 my first guest was Matthew Dybwad, Partner, CRAFT Media Digital on lessons learned from their work on the Mia Love for Congress campaign, using online tools for fundraising, and creating effective web video.

Interview with Matthew Dybwad
Interview continues with Matthew Dybwad

My second guest was Lisa Grogan, President and CEO, TKF The Tariq Khamisa Foundation, talking about using social media to draw attention to solutions to youth violence, impact of celebrity endorsements on social media, and getting attention for fundraising efforts.

Interview with Lisa Grogan
Interview continues with Lisa Grogan

Big Data and Targeting Voters on Multiple Screens

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Digital Politics Radio pulled back the layers on big data, voter engagement, and digital campaigns with a wide variety of guests this spring.

On the April 24 show my first guest was Waldo Tibbetts, Director of Political and Advocacy Sales, Rocket Fuel talking about programmatic ad buying, message testing and recognizing the power of one-to-one marketing particularly when using real time bidding to fine tune the media plan.

Interview with Waldo Tibbetts
Interview continues with Waldo Tibbetts

I also talked with Linda Miles, Treasurer, St. Paul’s Foundation For International Reconciliation about their work to support marginalized women, asylum victims, and LGBT individuals by using social media, skype, email and web video.  We also talked about the value of endorsements from the Elton John AIDS Foundation and other celebrities to raise awareness and funds.

Interview with Linda Miles
Interview continues with Linda Miles

On April 17 my guest was Nick Bowden, CEO, MindMixer talking about the need for engagement to build communities around issues and the variety of ways to interact with more individuals.

Interview with Nick Bowden

The topic shifted to community organizing with my guest Jamie McGonnigal, Community Engagement Manager, New Organizing Institute.  We talked about the need for consistency in messaging, telling the narrative of a cause, the LGBT community prepares for the upcoming Supreme Court rulings and predicting what will go viral.

Interview with Jamie McGonnigal
Interview continues with Jamie McGonnigal

April 10 show included Becky Mancuso, Senior Digital Strategist, Brabender/Cox talking about traditional and digital strategies, online ad units that work, and perception of negative and humorous ads.

Interview with Becky Mancuso
Interview continues with Becky Mancuso

In the second half of the show I discussed with Matthew McMillian, President, BuzzMaker, his POLLIE awards from the American Association of Political Consultants, the 2012 gubernatorial race in Puerto Rico, and the expanding role of digital political strategists.

Interview with Matthew McMillian
Interview continues with Matthew McMillian

On March 27, the subject was multi-screen viewing and my first guest was Peter Pasi, Vice President, Collective Political.  We talked about voter persuasion, interaction with ads throughout the day, maximizing cross screen experiences and mobile ads.

Interview with Peter Pasi
Interview continues with Peter Pasi

My second guest was Gary Arlen, Founder and President, Arlen Communications talking about distribution of video across multiple devices, real world and virtual relationships, and Internet taxation.

Interview with Gary Arlen
Interview continues with Gary Arlen

On March 20, the subject was accelerating time to market by outsourcing HR services and recognizing the value of employee benefits to remain competitive in the marketplace.  Rick Iverson, Regional Consultant, TriNet described the new world of cloud based human capital management.

Interview with Rick Iverson
Interview continues with Rick Iverson

My second guest was Ben Katz, founder and CEO, Givalike, who continued the discussion about good corporate citizenship and growing employee loyalty, using social channels to raise money and awareness for small non-profits, and making it easier for people to contribute small amounts to favorite causes.

Interview with Ben Katz
Interview continues with Ben Katz

The show on March 13 turned to spectrum management in an interview with Michael Berg, communications lawyer who provided some details about how the FCC is managing spectrum needs of wireless and non-wireless providers, developing universal standards for broadcast and cable in light of mobile needs.

Interview with Michael Berg
Interview continues with Michael Berg

My second guest was Jeremy Duimstra, Co-Founder, MJD Interactive Agency addressing new media habits, improving the engagement experience, rewarding loyalty, and mobile apps and native ads.

Interview with Jeremy Duimstra
Interview continues with Jeremy Duimstra

The 2013 Election Season Begins

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Update on Digital Politics Radio guests since the first of the year.  We will be following the top races in 2013 and many of the guests shared insights about 2012 races and expectations for 2013 and 2014 campaigns.

On March 6, my first guest was Brian Franklin, President, Impact Politics, who talked about the race he ran for Patrick Murphy against Allen West for the Congressional seat in Florida, the use of web video and how to take advantage of a campaign with a national audience.

Interview with Brian Franklin
Interview continues with Brian Franklin

My second guest was Chris Ruff, President and CEO, UIEvolution, talking about the recent Mobile World Congress, the rise of connected devices, improving the value of content and services particularly in the hospitality business, the growth of digital signs and wearable and specialized devices.

Interview with Chris Ruff
Interview continues with Chris Ruff

On February 27, my first guest was Jimmy Orr, Managing Editor Digital, Los Angeles Times who reflected on his days in the George W. Bush White House as the web guy responsible for making the Barney the First Dog web videos.   We also talked about the need for transparency in political campaigns and the role of newspapers in covering a race.

Interview with Jimmy Orr
Interview continues with Jimmy Orr

Talking with Evan Sutton, Communications Director, New Organizing Institute, expanded the range of the show with a look at the future of the use of digital tools for mobilizing and organizing.  Evan also explains how to tell the differences between a grassroots and AstroTurf campaign.

Interview with Evan Sutton
Interview continues with Evan Sutton

On February 13 I talked with Michael Pranikoff, Global Director of Emerging Media, PR Newswire about increasing visibility and engagement, role of citizen journalists, and the use of media around the world.

Interview with Michael Pranikoff

The subject was web sites and media strategies in my interview with Kari Butcher, Sr. VP Public Affairs, id Media. We also talked about getting beyond the silos in campaign management to communicate with people on the screen of their choice.

Interview with Kari Butcher
Interview continues with Kari Butcher

On the February 6 show I talked with Colin Delany, founder, ePolitics about how social media is the domain of niche interests, amplification of messages on social media, and how the Obama campaign placed ads on the web on obscure cable channels.

Interview with Colin Delany
Interview continues with Colin Delany

I continued the conversation with Curt Mercadante, Principal, Merc Strategy Group about ways to take advantage of live events using social media, reaching Baby Boomers on Facebook, targeting online ads, effective use of email to engage voters and finding low information voters online.

Interview with Curt Mercadante
Interview continues with Curt Mercadante

Show on January 30 included John Dick, CEO, CivicScience, talking about shifting expectations for polls, overcoming bias in samples, use of cookies to re-engage viewers based on past responses, getting beyond demographic definitions of groups, and aspirational self-disclosure and the herd mentality.

Interview with John Dick
Interview continues with John Dick

My other guest that day was Aaron Cuker, CEO and Chief Creative Officer, Cuker Interactive, talking about how the growing number of touch points means creating brand eco-systems around a consumer, strategies for mobile second screen experiences and the benefit of curated content.

Interview with Aaron Cuker
Interview continues with Aaron Cuker

On the January 23 show I talked with Waldo Tibbetts, Director of Political and Advocacy Sales, Rocket Fuel about targeting online ads, the ability to buy custom audiences across multiple screens driven by Big Data, real time bidding, the changing role of media buyers, and actionable data from predictive models.

Interview with Waldo Tibbetts
Interview continues with Waldo Tibbetts

We also got a preview of the South Carolina Congressional race from Phil Noble, President, PoliticsOnline.  This race includes former Governor Mark Stanford, Ted Turner’s son Teddy, and Elizabeth Colbert-Busch, sister of Stephen Colbert.  We also talked about lessons learned from the Obama campaign and grassroots efforts for down ballot races.

Interview with Phil Noble
Interview continues with Phil Noble

On January 16 my first guest was Carolyn Carlson, Founder, Carlson Political Consulting, discussing building, appending and refreshing contact lists, value of email, text messaging, and best practices for outreach to all voters as well as niche groups.

Interview with Carolyn Carlson
Interview continues with Carolyn Carlson

With the CEA event just concluded in Las Vegas, I had a chance to talk with Jim Barry, Media Spokesperson, Consumer Electronics Association about changes in our connected world, development of wireless health and wellness devices, entertainment anywhere, and convergence in hand held devices and growth of connected things.

Interview with Jim Barry
Interview continues with Jim Barry

On January 9, I heard from Scott Crider, Owner, Watchdog Causes about lessons learned by the Dogs Against Romney campaign, the power of dog owners, and how emotional appeals drive social media success.

Interview with Scott Crider
Interview continues with Scott Crider

My other guest was Francine Busby, Democratic leader here in San Diego, who talked about the importance of door-to-door and phone contact from candidates and volunteers in addition to any digital activities, the impact of digital capture devices and postings on social media, and initiatives to get more women to run for office.

Interview with Francine Busby
Interview continues with Francine Busby

To start the year off on January 2, I talked with Mark Bryant, VP Business Development and Stephanie Davari-Page, Director of Business Development, Resonate Insights, about finding persuadable voters online, pre-roll video and mobile ads, influencing public opinion with online persuasion, and targeting by values, attitudes and beliefs.

Interview with Mark Bryant
Interview with Mark Bryant and Stephanie Davari-Page

My other guest was Chris Massicotte, Partner, DSPolitical talking about new opportunities for advocacy targeting, promoting progressive issues online, cookie technology and targeting multiple screens to get out the vote.

Interview with Chris Massicotte
Interview continues with Chris Massicotte

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